Out of Hours

We do our utmost to ensure you always have somebody available to treat your animals

The practice operates its own out of hours cover on a rota basis, so you will likely know the vet you see in the case of an emergency. The contact details for the emergency vet are given on the answerphone which operates when the office is closed.

01631 562876
  • Please call the usual practice telephone number 01631 562876. The duty vet will discuss your case, and, if appropriate, arrange to see you and your animal.  All out of hours treatment of pets will be provided at the surgery in Oban. Please be aware that you will need to make your own arrangements to get your pet to the surgery. There will be occasions when the duty vet is helping somebody else or may be working out of phone reception. In this case, your call will reach a voicemail where you should leave a concise message.


    Please do not send texts or emails relating to an emergency case.


    In the event that the duty vet knows they will be unavailable for a prolonged period (due to travelling distances/phone reception/caseload) the practice rota has provision for a back-up vet. Your call will either be diverted to the back-up vet automatically or you may receive further instruction on how to reach them.

  • If you leave a voicemail message and there is no reply within a reasonable time, then please first try again as occasionally there can be a delay in voicemail messages getting through.


    We do our utmost to ensure you always have somebody available to treat your animals. However, if you are unable to reach a vet, and you feel your case is too urgent to wait, you may need to contact one of the neighbouring practice in Fort William. The duty vet will treat all emergency cases for domestic pets in the surgery in Oban.

  • The price of an out of hours appointment for a domestic pet at the surgery is as follows:



      £164.70 + VAT


      £219.60 + VAT



    This fee covers an examination only and any treatment provided would be charged separately. As for any other services, this fee is payable at the time of treatment.


    Out of hours treatment away from the surgery for other species (horses/cattle) may also incur a surcharge representative of the cost of maintaining this service.