All dogs and puppies must be microchipped and registered by the age of eight weeks

Since the 6th April 2016 it has been compulsory for owners to ensure their dog is microchipped and details kept up to date.

Owners must ensure a dog gets a microchip implanted by the time it’s 8 weeks old. New puppies should be chipped before they change owner (they should have been chipped by the breeder). Each microchip has a number that shows up when your dog is scanned. This number identifies your dog on one of the national databases.

Your details are also registered on that database. By getting the microchip implanted and information stored it means:

  • Lost dogs can be re-united with their owners
  • The owners of dogs acting aggressively can be identified
  • The owners of abused dogs can be identified
  • You are following the law

We have sourced mini-microchips to make microchipping less stressful for pets. If you fail to microchip your dog you can be fined up to £500 and be taken to court. If you have bought a puppy, the breeder will provide you with a transfer code so that you can change your new dog's ownership on the databases.