Up front and honest pricing

These are our most commonly requested prices, for any other prices, please call or email the practice directly.

Prices correct as of March 15th 2024.


  Standard Price
Consultation £56.71
Subsequent Consultation £51.36
Minimum charge Consultation £45.00
Small Pet Consultation £42.80
Prescription review £51.36
Telephone consult £32.10
Out of Hours A £197.64
Out of Hours B £263.52


Dogs Standard Price
Puppy/Primary Course (inc 2nd vacc) £110.00
2nd Vacc Only £66.34
DHPPiL/Lepto Booster £66.34
KC (stand alone) £50.83
KC (with booster) £31.03
Rabies £86.20


Cats Standard Price
Kitten/Primary Course (inc. 2nd Vacc ) £110.00
2nd Vacc Only £66.34
Booster (flu/ent/leuk) £66.34
Kitten/Primary Course (flu/ent only) £93.00
2nd  Vacc Only (flu/ent only) £66.34
Booster (flu/ent only) £66.34


Rabbits Standard Price
Myxo/RHD Plus £80.24


Horses Standard Price
1st, 2nd & 3rd (flu/tet) £58.44
Flu £51.17
Tet £29.94
Flu/Tet £58.44


  Standard Price
Express Anal Glands £21.41
Clip Nails £19.22
Written Prescription £25 per medication
With Another Procedure
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