Terms of Business – Farm

Jan 2024

Terms of payment for Farm accounts are the same for everyone, it is not fair for the majority of Farm clients that pay regularly to subsidise those who do not. Having a level playing field in terms of payment will result in a much clearer and focused approach to our provision of veterinary services to you, which is our main aim.

We no longer allow a free credit period over 60 days and require that those accounts which are currently overdue by that period to be settled as soon as possible. Going forward any debt balances which are not settled before aging over 60 days, will compromise our ability to provide services to you and we may have to involve a debt collection agency; which is something we have not done previously.

If we send a debt to the collection agency, it automatically incurs a 15% interest fee and an administration fee above that (charge depends on size of debt). These charges are non-negotiable and are not refundable. Using a debt collection agency is not something we want to do and we would ask you to contact us as soon as possible if there are likely to be any reasons why you are unable to comply.

We ask that any clients with an existing outstanding debt make every effort to clear this with us as soon as possible and to settle their accounts within the above timescale in the future.

The preferred methods of payment are Cash, Card, or BACS. If you wish to pay by BACS would you please use the following bank details: Sort Code 40-01-94 Account Number 01490745.

Please add the following reference with your payment: Farm or Client Name. If you have made a BACS payment, please let us know by email how much you have paid and on what date via contact@obanvets.co.uk.

Please be assured that it is important to us that we continue to strive to deliver the highest standards of care and service to you all. If you would like to discuss the above further, please do not hesitate to give us a call.

We thank you for your continued support and really appreciate your loyalty.

Oban Vets